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Free roaming, grass-fed farm fresh beef raised on the mountain pastures of Running Creek Qld. Delivering to you across Brisbane & the Gold Coast.

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– Australia Day Weekend Farm-Gate Market –

We invite you to pick-up your January order and enjoy a day at our farm during the Australia Day Weekend Farm-Gate Markets – Sunday 24, Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 January 10am – 3pm daily. Alternatively delivery is available from 27 January. Click here for more info on our farm-gate market.

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Delivering to your door direct from the farm, Running Creek Beef produces grass-fed, premium, free-range beef.

Nestled alongside the McPherson Ranges, our cattle are free to roam mountain pastures and the clear waters of Running Creek in the Scenic Rim.

At Running Creek Beef our passion is for the cattle we raise and people like you who purchase our farm fresh beef.

Nothing delights us more than seeing people reconnect with farming and where their food comes from.

Running Creek Beef
Deb & Rod Richardson



Rod & Debbie

Second generation cattle farmers Rod & Debbie Richardson launched their paddock-to-plate beef business in 2018. 

On their Running Creek property they raise cattle featuring the Sahiwal breed. Known for their natural tick resistance, Sahiwal’s have the ability to produce beef and milk under hot tropical conditions and were imported into Australia by the CSIRO in the 1950s.

The Sahiwal breed content means that Running Creek Beef cattle are not only grass-fed but also do not undergo regular and invasive chemical tick treatments. This decreases mustering and handling of the cattle which minimises stress and boosts eating quality and tenderness. 

With each of our deliveries we provide details on breed, age, sex and live weight so that like other fine food and wines you can begin to taste and experience the unique differences.