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Peak Vege Patch Heirloom Tomatoes

Peak Vege Patch Heirloom Tomates grown by Troy & Vicki Muller of Peak Crossing, Scenic Rim. $40/tray (approx. 5kg’s) or $9/bag (approx. 1kg). Meet the growers and our friends: Troy and Vicki Muller are mad-keen tomato growers and Sahiwal lovers. Located on their farm in the picturesque Scenic Rim town Peak Crossing is Peak Veggie Patch, where Troy & Vicki specialise in growing heirloom tomatoes with outstanding flavor, just like the ones grandad used to grow. A complete family owned and run farm you’ll usually only find their Heirlooms in the finest of Providores such as James Street, The Valley however we’re bringing you their tomatoes straight from the farm-gate.