'Rascal' Sahiwal Baby Bull Toy


The gorgeous Rascal with his big ears and cute brown nose is hand-made especially for Running Creek Beef by the very talented Mel of Hooks, Loops and Nots. Rascal was born on the farm towards the end of 2019 and orphaned by his original mum. Thankfully Farmer Rod & Farmer Deb spotted him and rescued him one very slippery night in the rain. Rascal took to his bottle feeding with gusto and through a patient process was connected with another mother. Rascal is now happily living with his new mum in the main herd, growing bigger every day.

As a full-blood Sahiwal and rare-breed in Australia, Rod & Debbie are very passionate about Rascal and his fellow Sahiwal relatives. Every time you purchase a Rascal soft toy or any of their products this money goes towards keeping their Sahiwal herd healthy and well-fed but most importantly it provides income for much-needed reproduction programs to ensure the survival of the Sahiwal in Australia. As the Rascal soft toy is hand-made we require a 4-week delivery time. We do keep limited stock for the emergency birthday present however to ensure you receive your beautiful baby-bull please order as early as possible.

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