Towri Sheep Cheese Eweghurt 210mL


A drained marinated sheep yoghurt with local olive oil, rosemary, garlic and salt as sampled in the taster packs. Perfect for spreading on a slice of baguette or Lavosh bread. The surprise on a charcuterie board that your dinner guests will admire.

Meet Carolyn Davidson, the doyenne of Sheep Cheese. Her craftsmanship is tasted in each sheep cheese variety she produces at her family farm, The Towri Sheep Cheese Farm. Sheep milk is like liquid gold as each sheep only produces a few litres each day compared to a 40 litre per day milking cow.  On their picturesque 300 acres of scenic rural land at Allenview near Beaudesert, the sheep are milked with a purpose-built dairy with specialist milking equipment and then the cheese is lovingly made in their onsite cheese making room. Running Creek Beef is proud to offer this artisan product to our customers.

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